Success Stories

Read how Results Right Now has helped clients, transform and change!
  • Stephanie

    I was so full of fear, confusion, self doubt, and hurt. It kept getting worse.

    Before I met Ranjit, and before I started this work with her, I attended her workshop. During this workshop I cried the whole time, as her voice resonated.

    After the workshop I realized I needed to reach out, so I booked my first chat with her. I tried to express what I needed, but it was hard, I had lived with unworthiness for so long; however, Ranjit understood and held space for me with gentle compassion. So I booked into more sessions with her.

    After my sessions I felt a shift within me, I felt something had been lifted. She worked so closely with me. She spent hours with me in order to unlock my unconscious mind, to get to what the ‘problem’ was, and to heal it. Ranjit was able to bring out pure love and acceptance; it was always there. Through our sessions I was able to tap into self love.

    Since my sessions with Ranjit I have been able to look in the mirror and say, “I love you so much, I love you and I accept you for exactly who you are”. Before my sessions I could barely look at myself in the mirror without crying as I felt extreme unworthiness. This work helped me grow; it helped me face and accept what I always wanted to believe, self love. One extremely tangible shift through this process has been nail biting. I have always bitten my nails, a symptom of anxiety, I have not bitten my nails at all since my sessions.

    I highly recommend this work. Working with Ranjit gave me more insight than any session of therapy I’ve had. For years I have always been in therapy, and those years never provided the amount of healing that I have received from Ranjit. Healing is a lifelong journey, but this process allowed me to get ahead. It allowed to feel the light, ME, My beautiful amazing self.

    I am forever grateful for this experience.

  • Matt

    The sessions I had with Ranjit were deeply introspective and enlightening. She has confidence and warmth about her that helped open me up to talking about many of my life’s details that have gone unaddressed – subconsciously unaddressed that is.

    She knows how to dig deeper which was what I needed to get myself out of the emotional rut I was in. I’m very grateful for the work Ranjit does and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her NLP coaching to anyone in need.